The Dueling Pianos are back!

As years went on with our Spring Fever Tournament we found ourselves getting lots of new faces in playing, as well as having years past players now having their children playing in the youth tournament. 

With that we began trying to incorporate the “first generation” of the tournament to continue playing and enjoying the sport of road hockey with the Over 35 division. 

Needless to say the division was a struggle to get more than 1 or 2 teams each year. 

Understandably, with all having previous knowledge of how they felt the next days following road hockey when they were younger. 

So with keeping our older souls in our mind we wanted them to still have a chance to support Dean and his great cause, which is how we came up with a Fall Fundraiser

As a committee, we booked the gorgeous new Bowden Patterson Hall. Booked Dueling Pianos as exciting and interactive entertainment; and the plan was underway. 

By doing this we could have all generations to show up, let their hair down, see old and new faces, and support this great cause. 

Our first Fall Fundraiser was a great success being ran our 23rd year of Spring Fever Road Hockey year! 

We are hoping that everyone had a great time and plan on keeping it an annual event to help our cause of keeping the up and coming generations playing sports and supporting them with their futures!